Reading for Homo Naledi

Click here for the reading on Homo Naledi.



21 thoughts on “Reading for Homo Naledi

  1. how was the experience going through the cave?

    when you saw the application to do this, did you think you were going to get pick? or it was going to be a long shot?

    would you do this again in the future if asked?


  2. Questions for Ms. Eaves
    -How tall are you?
    -How did all six of you fit in there at the same time?
    -How would you explain the space inside of the tunnel/caves?


  3. If you did not major in science, what is your second choice?
    What made you major in science?
    When you first went discovering was it uncomfortable?


  4. What was it like down in the caves? Did you ever start to really want to go back up?
    What made you want to apply for this project?
    What is the next step in your career?


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