Activities/Assignments for 12/22 B Day

EQ: Why are Cells So Small?

Students investigated why cells must be small using dyed agar cubes dropped in vinegar and internet research.

They received stamps in their notebooks for

  1. Write down as many question as you can (in 2 minutes) that you would need to ask when investigating “why cells are small.”
  2. Recording information in their science notebooks during their investigation of the agar cubes and internet research.Their job is to communicate an answer based on their observations of the cubes and your calculations comparing the surface area to volume of various size cubes.

Students shared their findings during class discussion.

If you missed today, the following video links will help you.

To watch a video that shows the lab we did in CLICK HERE

To watch a video that explains it more in depth CLICK HERE

EXIT TICKET as summative grade (10 points) is

Whose cells are bigger, The cells of a 6-foot-6, 350-pound lineman of Mr Perkins baby Phoebe? Use evidence from you investigations to support your answer.


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