1/19/16 A Day

Blocks 1A and 2A

Students  did a close reading on Proteins. Click proteins close read for a copy.

After the reading, we discussed the structure and function of proteins. During the discussion we also view the following animations and videos clips:


Video Clip

Next, students worked to produce a poster on a specific assigned protein. They did internet research on that protein and had to produce a poster with the following: (2A Only)

Class of Protein & what their function is
Your protein its function and location in cell
Explain what other proteins or structures it interacts with
What effect would it have on the cell if it was missing?

Absent students can do their poster on the transport protein hemoglobin. (2A Only)

(Both Block 1A and 2A) Next, students did a poster walk and reviewed other students research. They recorded what the learned on this worksheet: protein summary sheet

The Exit Ticket for today’s class is a 3-2-1:

Give three examples of proteins.
State two functions of a protein.
Proteins are made of __________.

Block 4A

Reviewed for and took the Quarterly Exam.


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