Classes for 2/18 and 2/19

We explored how cancer works on a cellular level by watching the NIH Cancer videos . I do not have a electronic copy of the worksheet. See me if you need one

First, student had to watch the News Alert! videos and pick out the proposed cause in each clip, then they had to cite what evidence the speaker had for his claim.

Next, students watched the five cell cycle animation videos and had to finish the sentence with a summary of the main idea of each clip.

Finally, in Section 3 the students had to link the News Alert claim with what they learned in the cell cycle animation clips.

For example, the English gentleman proposed a chemical in the coal tar and soot was causing chimney sweeps in 1700-1800s London to get cancer of the scrotum.Today, we know that the chemical mutates the genes that start and stop cell division. Without the regulation of these genes the cells divide uncontrollably and produce a tumor.


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