A Day Classes for 3/2/16

1A and 4A

Started class with a review of the chromosomes models student constructed during last class.

Exit ticket to activity was to describe a chromosome using the terms chromatid, centromere, DNA and histones. (10 summative points)

Next, we watched a video clip where students had to compare asexual and sexual reproduction and write down the pros and cons of each in their notebooks.

We discussed both of these topics.A review of that discussion and notes taken can be found here: Cell Reproduction

Next, students look at the stages of mitosis from an online computer simulation.

Click here for the simulation.Draw what is happening in each stage and also write a description.


We started out reviewing student computer simulation of  mitosis and turned in the homework worksheet 5.2 Mitosis & Cytokinesis.

For a power point that reviews mitosis: Mitosis

Next, we reviewed chromosome number and important vocabulary: somatic, gamete, diploid, haploid, autosome

For that chromosome number : Chromosomes and Meiosis

The accompanying worksheet is here: Chromosomes Meiosis Reinforcement Worksheet


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