A Day Classes for 4/19

Block 1A — College Prep

We did a webquest called “Recovering the Romanovs.” Click here for a link to the site.

For a Recovering the Romanovs packet click here: ss_romanov.

For a copy of the CSET and rubric, click here: romanovcset

Block 2A — Honors

First, we reviewed the structure of DNA. Next we looked at how it is copied.

We completed POGIL Model 2 on DNA replication as a group. Next, we used the DNA Puzzles to model the replication of DNA. See me for copy of either exercise.

Block 4A — College Prep

Studied Sex-Linked Traits. For a review of the powerpoint, click here:  Sex-linked_Traits

We then practiced predicting sex-linked traits. For a copy of that, click here: Sex-linked_Traits_Problems

We then looked at tracing sex-linked traits using a pedigree. Click Here: Pedigree worksheets (Do page numbers 3 and 4)



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