A Day Assignments for 9/19/16

Happy Monday! The first five-day week of the school year.

Students should have turned in their assignments from Thursday called Solving the Puzzle part two. They were given one of three different readings and had to compare what the scientist in the reading did with what they did in the puzzle activity in class.

We watched a short video clip, then brainstormed and discussed the effect of deadly diseases on society.

Next, students broke into groups of four and were assigned historical, text or accounts from three deadly diseases (black plague, Cholera and gangrene.) They investigated the accounts and tried to find the symptoms, impacts on society, proposed causes and evidence for causes. Then their group produced a poster from the investigation.

Next, group posters were hung and the students did a poster walk. In their notebook, They recorded the similarities and differences between the three diseases that they could find.

We will discuss those differences next class, since we ran out of time. Block 4A still needs to do the poster walk. (more of a note to self.)

Homework: Students need to the complete the hwhow-would-a-scientist Based on the disease that they studied today.



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