Assignments for 9/22/16

Today, we reviewed and discussed what similarities and differences that students found in their historical research/posters of the diseases Bubonic Plague, Gangrene and Cholera.

This led to a discussion as to whether personal beliefs and superstitions are  useful in describing how things happen in nature, such as the diseases. Most student felts they were not useful, at least those not support by facts that have been proved true over time.

Students met in the groups to discuss their homework: hwhow-would-a-scientistAfter a class discussion, they turned in the homework.

Next students, told me that the actual cause of the diseases are germs or microorganisms. This led to a discussion of the germ theory developed by Louis Pasteur. Students did a close reading on Pasteur had to underline the scientific processes (actions) he did in his investigations.

Next, we discussed the meaning of the term theory in science. A power point with the info is here: what-is-a-scientific-theory


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