2A Honors 10/19/16

We started our activity on how population dynamics affect the natural selection. Student groups cut open an okra vegetable and counted the seeds.

They then calculated the amount of time it would take for okra to cover all the land on Earth if all the seeds survived in succeeding generations.

Students developed a model of their data (most did a graph.) And tried to develop a mathematical expression for their data.

They then did two readings to collect evidence that supported their model and mathematical expression.

Students were assigned a four Quizizz questions. They should go to join.quizizz.com and enter 324115 to answer the questions.

Students were also assigned a writing prompt (to be turned in on schoology).

The writing prompt:

Construct a written explanation using evidence for how the ability of a species to increase in number effects the population over time. Use data from the activity okra and POGIL) and textual evidence from Thomas Malthus to support your claim.



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