CP Biology for 11/2/16

We collected data for finch beak depths on three of the Galapagos Islands as a class.

I have attached the bird-beaks template to help your graph the data you collected from the Galapagos Islands’ finches.

Create your histogram with your partner and calculate the mean (average) too. Record your data and interpretation of the graph in your notebook (check with Mr Bowen for a notebook stamp.)

Questions to consider in your notebook:

1. Why is it important to study beak size? Why do birds of the same species have different beak size than others? (Hint: What are beaks used for? Refer back to reading in text.)
2. Compare the histograms. Explain the patterns of variation?
A. between different species?
B. between different populations of the same species?
3. Why are these patterns occurring? Develop at least two possible hypotheses for these patterns. Make sure to include evidence that supports each hypothesis. (check with Mr Bowen to get a stamp in your notebook and discuss your hypotheses.)



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