Cells Video


Complete the following worksheet intro_to_cells_recap


Characteristics of Life

We review the characteristics of life during class. Students went through a series of cards and sorted them into three categories: living, nonliving, unsure.

Afterward, they did research to create a class list of the characteristics of living things. We them watched the following video to clarify any misconceptions.


Exit Ticket: Is a sandwich living or nonliving? Support your answer with at least three pieces of evidence and reasoning.

Natural Selection Lab Report Template

Students will being designing and carrying out their own experiment for the Natural Selection Simulation.

Students will have to turn a lab report based on their experimental simulation by 11/17/17. It must be typed and may be turned in before the due date.

I have included a template to help students create their lab reports. Click Here: Natural Selection Lab Report Template

Rubrics for this assignment:

Experimental Design:  exp_design_grading_rubric

CER Rubric: CERRUBRIC (002)