What do cells do?

We learned about cell structures and their functions in plant and animals cells in honors classes on 12/7 and 12/8. College Prep classes will do this activity next week.

Link to the What do cells do? simulation: click here

Go to schoology for a printable worksheet for the activity.


Hominoid Skulls Activity


The following prompt is to be completed from your investigation of human evolution:

Claim: “Humans evolved from earlier extinct hominids.”

Justify this claim using three pieces of evidence from your investigations of the fossil record, molecular evidence and embryology.

Due Date is December 4 for honors classes, TBD for college prep.



Classification and Evolution

Comparative Embryology

hominid evidence



Week of 5/29: Ecology and Biology Review

This week, we will be discussing ecological topics and watching the movie Zootopia. The following class will be spent wrapping up ecology and reviewing for the final exam. If you were absent for these classes, check the items below for the in-class assignment, a review quizizz and review materials.

Zootopia Movie Notes

cell cycle kud 13


enzymes KUD 2014

gene expression KUD

genetics KUD honors

KUD photosynthesis

reproductionKUD2014 CP

photo & CR kud 13

protein synthesis KUD



Romanov Project

Go to http://www.dnai.org/romanovs/ in order to complete the Romanov packet. You will open the Recovering Romanovs tab and then click on the Romanov Family tab to start the activity. Follow the instructions and go through every slide to answer every question asked.

The very last question will be a very important CER prompt, so make sure you complete the entire packet in order to answer it fully. The prompt is available on Schoology once you’ve completed the packet.

DCAS REVIEW: MAY 22nd and 23rd

Students that are in 10th grade will be taking the state’s Science DCAS test on Monday, May 22 and Tuesday May 23. The test includes materials from their 9th and 10th grade science classes.

I am posting some power point and kahoot reviews to help them prepare. Follow the links below help get ready for science DCAS:

10th Grade DCAS Review Questions

DCAS Review of Energy Across the Systems (1)

Grade 9 Review of Earth Systems

Kahoot Chem review

Kahoot Earth Systems

Kahoot Energy across systems

In order to play the kahoots, you must have a kahoot account.