Blood Typing Lab 5/2/17-5/3/17

We learned a lot about a special case in genetics: Multiple Alleles! Blood group alleles were used as an example for this case. 48ABObloodsystemThis image is very helpful when it comes to determining which antigens and antibodies a person may have depending on their blood type.

Here is a link to a playlist that covers material we have gone over so far: Amoeba Sisters: Genetic Playlist.

multiple alleles

This slide also nicely sums up key concepts from the lesson.

rbc slide

*A-day classes: here is the corrected SMART slide.

4/28/17 and 5/1/17 Genetics Quiz and Pedigrees

Today, we reviewed genetics and took a SpongeBob Square-pants genetics quiz. After we completed a practice pedigree, we answered the following exit ticket:

1-3. With regard to hemophilia: what are the genotypes of Sophia of Greece, Alexis, and Irene?

4. Can women be hemophilic?

5. Can men be carriers for it?


H = Non-hemophilic

h = Hemophilic

Pedigree ET.PNG

Then, the idea of incomplete and codominance was considered. We reviewed a PowerPoint and a worksheet. This class was used to introduce the topic of special cases in genetics.

Punnet Squares and Test-Crosses 4/26- 4/27/16

Today, we worked on test-crosses and statistical analysis of phenotypes and genotypes using Punnet squares. There was a warm-up about cat test-crossing, this worksheet can be found on the make-up work counter along with the penny lab that we completed for a stamp. The directions for the exit ticket for this lesson can be found in the image below. The worksheet the exit ticket was completed on is also on the counter in class.

exit ticket

We were able to discuss pedigrees briefly. Below is the example discussed in class, along with information on how to read them.

pedigree slide 1

filled in pedigree


Genetics 4/24/-4/25/17

Today, we completed a genetics smiley face warm-up and took notes from this genetics PowerPoint. We talked a lot about the Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel, who is known as the father of genetics.


Then, we worked through a genetics worksheet as a class for an additional stamp. Our exit ticket was a worksheet with four questions that tested punnett square skills based on the day’s lesson.

This link is also very helpful for those of you who need extra notes: