Blood Types and Genetics

A copy of the ABO Blood Types practice Problems. Get a copy of the Blood Types POGIL from me.

Blood Typing and Genetics — Power Point


Blood Typing Lab 5/2/17-5/3/17

We learned a lot about a special case in genetics: Multiple Alleles! Blood group alleles were used as an example for this case. 48ABObloodsystemThis image is very helpful when it comes to determining which antigens and antibodies a person may have depending on their blood type.

Here is a link to a playlist that covers material we have gone over so far: Amoeba Sisters: Genetic Playlist.

multiple alleles

This slide also nicely sums up key concepts from the lesson.

rbc slide

*A-day classes: here is the corrected SMART slide.

B Day Classes for 4/6

Students turned in their homework on Sex-linked traits. A copy of that assignment is here: Sex-linked_Traits_Problems

Next, we used what we learned about pedigrees and sex-linked traits to work on Sex-linked pedigrees. Click here for a copy: Pedigree worksheets (pages 3 and 4 of the pdf file.)

Next, we did a close reading on Genes and Blood Type. from the reading students choose at least five words that they thought were most important and used them to write a summary of what they read. The then created a graphic organizer of their own.

We review the principles of Genes and blood type with this: Blood Typing and Genetics

Finally, we practiced Punnett square problems involving blood types. If students did not finish it was homework: Click Here for a copy of the assignment.

If you need a review of help on blood type genetics, i recommend you watch this video.