Cancer and the Cell Cycle

Watch each of the four news alert video and describe in the boxes provided what the proposed cause of cancer was and what evidence supported that theory.

New Alert Video Links — Click Here

Watch each animation and finish the sentence that on the worksheet. Make certain you include a brief summary of what you learned as well.

Cell Cycle Videos — Click Here

Complete Section Three by linking how the proposed cause is linked to the development of cancer.



Class 3/23/17-3/24/17

Today we discussed important points from the cell cycle game and discussed the image below. We began our Cancer unit by completing the Faces of Cancer activity as a class and for a grade. The Cancer and Cell Cycle activity was assigned for homework, the videos for this worksheet can be found in the NIH Cancer Video file on Schoology. The marking period ends this Wednesday; make sure your missing assignments in by March 29th!

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