Enzyme Worksheet A-Day 3/3/17

Hi guys, if you missed class today, here are the energy boost worksheets we worked on:



We also completed a lab where we began germinating corn and pea seeds as groups. We will check them later on next week.

Also, check out the links below to see the videos we watched in class:

Hindenburg Tragedy

We related these videos to chemical reactions and as we know enzymes reduce the rate of chemical reactions.






1/29 “A” Day Classes

EQ: What is a chemical reaction?

We did a reading/vocabulary activity to review the difference between chemcial and physical changes. Click Here to do that activity.

Next, we played Kahoot to practice recognizing the difference between physical and chemical changes. Click here to review that Kahoot.

Next, we took notes on chemical reactions. The power point for that is Energy & Metabolism16.

We then practiced balancing chemical equations. Blocks 1 and 4 had to finish the worksheet (see me if you need a copy.)

Exit Ticket at the end of class:

  • What are the reactants and products in this equation? Is it balanced? Explain how you know?
  • CH4 + O2 –>  CO2  +  H2O



1/22 “B” Day Classes

Today, all three blocks were shortened by a half day and pep rally. We used the 30 minutes in each class  to review chemical and physical changes.

First, we did a close reading on the computer in which key terms had to be selected throughout the passage. Click Here to do or review the activity.

Secondly, we played a Kahoot to practice the differences between chemical and physical changes.