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Karyotype Activity

Log on to your computer and click on the following link: Karyotype Activity.

Read the front page and then do the the karyotypes for Patients A, B and C.

Make sure to answer the questions 1 and 2 for all three patients.

  1. Notation for Patient. (# of chromosomes, sex chromosomes, extra or missing chromosome #)
  2. Diagnosis of the patient using the chart on the site.
  3. Google the disorder and briefly summarize it’s effects on the patient.

Chromosome and Meiosis PPT 4/6/17-4/7/17

For those of you going on the music trip and anyone else who will be absent:

Here is the PPT to use for the Chromosome and Meiosis-Reinforcement Unit Worksheet.


Complete everything on the worksheet except for the mitosis and meiosis comparison chart.

Also, here is the link for the karyotype activity done in class.

Karyotype Activity

The karyotype exit ticket was also assigned:


Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction 3/30/17

Today in class, we built and drew models of chromosomes, we also described them using terms like: chromatid, centromere, DNA, and histones. We took notes and reviewed the image below. Then, we watched a video on genetic variability. We answered the following questions in our notebooks: “How do sexual and asexual reproduction compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages to both?” The Red Queen Hypothesis was mentioned in the video. Think about how that relates to evolution and genetic diversity.untitled