Quiz Resources

Hey guys,

Here are some study resources for your upcoming quizzes on March 9th (A-Day) and 10th (B-Day) on macromolecules, proteins and enzymes.

Protein KUD





Also, check out the YouTube channel and your Play Posits for extra help. Make sure you review your macromolecule notes as well!


Enzyme Worksheet A-Day 3/3/17

Hi guys, if you missed class today, here are the energy boost worksheets we worked on:



We also completed a lab where we began germinating corn and pea seeds as groups. We will check them later on next week.

Also, check out the links below to see the videos we watched in class:

Hindenburg Tragedy

We related these videos to chemical reactions and as we know enzymes reduce the rate of chemical reactions.





2/1 “B” Day Classes

First we reviewed some the characteristics of enzymes. Check out the power point here: Enzymes

Next, we explored how enzymes can be effected by pH and temperature by working in groups to complete two POGIL models by looking at and interpreting data.

We didn’t get a chance to review the second model as a class though most group finished it.

There will be a test on proteins and enzymes on Friday, February 5. Get the Study Guide HERE.