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Honors Biology Tasks for B-Day 10/29/18

Good Morning! Mr. Bowen is out today and you are fortunate to have one of the  legendary teachers/coaches of Dover High as your substitute today in Mr Solomon. I know you will treat him with the respect he deserves.

Next question: What are we doing today?

First, I would like you watch the following video on Speciation. Take any notes you think you may need on the subject in your notebook while you watch. Be ready to reexamine the classifications groups that you did on Thursday when you see me on Wednesday. This task should take you about 20 minutes.


Next, you need to break up into your POGIL groups. Complete the Evidence for Evolution Packet that Mr Solomon has for you on my desk. Remember to assume the four roles in your group (facilitator, spokesperson, quality control and process analyst.) Make sure that the quality control person turns in the packet for the whole group with everyone’s name on it. (Don’t forget to have everyone fill out the whole thing so you have it as a resource to study from later.).

You may use any remaining time to work on your Natural Selection Lab Reports.

If you have not finished the Snurfle Islands game you can work on and submit that to me too.

Have great last day of the first marking period! See you Wednesday!


Hominoid Skulls Activity


The following prompt is to be completed from your investigation of human evolution:

Claim: “Humans evolved from earlier extinct hominids.”

Justify this claim using three pieces of evidence from your investigations of the fossil record, molecular evidence and embryology.

Due Date is December 4 for honors classes, TBD for college prep.



Classification and Evolution

Comparative Embryology

hominid evidence



Whale’s Tail Investigation


We are looking at evidence for evolution by investigating whales. Student will use the evidence they collect to address the following hypothesis:

“Whales evolved from terrestrial (land) mammals.”

Confirm or refute this claim using at least 5 pieces of evidence from your investigations (fossil record, POGIL, video, PPT). Provide a reason that each piece supports your position.

A link for the materials is below:

THE WHALE’s TALE — Student Guide


Whale Strip Clues

What is a Modern Whale?



Rubric Here: CERRUBRIC