Natural Selection Lab Report Template

Students will being designing and carrying out their own experiment for the Natural Selection Simulation.

Students will have to turn a lab report based on their experimental simulation by 11/17/17. It must be typed and may be turned in before the due date.

I have included a template to help students create their lab reports. Click Here: Natural Selection Lab Report Template

Rubrics for this assignment:

Experimental Design:  exp_design_grading_rubric

CER Rubric: CERRUBRIC (002)



Experimental Design — Video Reviews

The following video links will help you review for the experimental design quiz:




Experimental Design Quiz/Study Guide

Honors classes will be taking the quiz on experimental design on Friday 9/29 (A Day) and Monday 10/2 (B Day).

College Prep Classes will be taking the Quiz on Tuesday 10/3 (A Day).

Click Here to access the the study guide/KUD:  experimental design.theory2017 KUD

Click Here for power point reviews

What is a scientific theory

Experimental Design Terms

Experimental Design Terms2