See our Potato Heads – Meiosis & sexual Reproduction

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Honors B-day 4/3/17

Today, we reviewed chromosomes and sexual vs. asexual reproduction briefly. We went over the PowerPoint below and previewed vocabulary for the upcoming material. The important terminology was: autosome, somatic, meiosis, mitosis, haploid, diploid, gametes, chromosome, homologous chromosome, sister chromatids, and fertilization.

Cell Reproduction16

Chromosome and Meiosis PPT 4/6/17-4/7/17

For those of you going on the music trip and anyone else who will be absent:

Here is the PPT to use for the Chromosome and Meiosis-Reinforcement Unit Worksheet.


Complete everything on the worksheet except for the mitosis and meiosis comparison chart.

Also, here is the link for the karyotype activity done in class.

Karyotype Activity

The karyotype exit ticket was also assigned: