Honors Bio for 9/27 -9/28/16

We started out class determining how well students determine are able to design an experiment. For a copy of this, click here: activating-activity-exp-design

Students brainstormed and discussed what the elements of a good experiment include. We then, defined what variables are in an experiment. A copy of the teacher-led a copy of the teacher led presentation is here: experimental-design-terms (right side of notebook)

Students then did a self assessment with five questions and put it on the left side of their notebook. Get a copy here: self-assessment-variables

We then reviewed by playing Kahoot.

Reminder that there will be a quiz on Thursday on the Nature of Science for 2a block and Friday for B day classes. Get a KUD to help you study here.

A/B day Classes 9/15/16 & 9/16/16

Today, we did an activity called “scientists in action” in our notebooks. A copy of the activity is here: scientistsinaction

Links needed to watch the videos are :


Homework: Students were assigned Reading one, two or three. They had to then answer questions one if assigned one, two if assigned two, etc. A link of the homework for today is here: puzzle2hw