Honors Biology 9/5-9/6/17

Student groups presented their posters hypothesis of the puzzle.

Homework assignment: Choose one of the three readings and respond to the following prompt:

“The processes that the scientist(s) in the reading used are similar to what we did in the puzzle activity.”

Support or discount this statement using three pieces of evidence from the reading.

readings puzzle2


Honors Bio for 9/27 -9/28/16

We started out class determining how well students determine are able to design an experiment. For a copy of this, click here: activating-activity-exp-design

Students brainstormed and discussed what the elements of a good experiment include. We then, defined what variables are in an experiment. A copy of the teacher-led a copy of the teacher led presentation is here: experimental-design-terms (right side of notebook)

Students then did a self assessment with five questions and put it on the left side of their notebook. Get a copy here: self-assessment-variables

We then reviewed by playing Kahoot.

Reminder that there will be a quiz on Thursday on the Nature of Science for 2a block and Friday for B day classes. Get a KUD to help you study here.

A/B day Classes 9/15/16 & 9/16/16

Today, we did an activity called “scientists in action” in our notebooks. A copy of the activity is here: scientistsinaction

Links needed to watch the videos are :


Homework: Students were assigned Reading one, two or three. They had to then answer questions one if assigned one, two if assigned two, etc. A link of the homework for today is here: puzzle2hw