KUD: Nature of Science

Attached is the KUD (Know, Understand, Do) for the quiz on the Nature of Science (What is science?): nature-of-science-kud

The quiz for Nature of Science schedule:

A Day classes: Thursday, September 29

B Day classes: Wednesday, September 30


KUD for the Cell Transport Quiz

We will be having a quiz on Friday on B Day and Monday on A day on the Cell Membrane and Cell Transport.

I am posting the KUD to help students study. KUD stands for KNOW, UNDERSTAND, DO.

KNOW: The vocabulary students need to know.

UNDERSTAND: The big idea of the unit.

DO: The things that students will need to be able to do.

Click Here! membrane+movement+KUD CP for the Cell Transport KUD.


We will have a short quiz at the beginning of class for B day classes on December 14 and A day classes on December 15.

Students will write a paragraph on the following:

Use the bubble activity we did in class as a model to describe the structure, function and properties of the cell membrane. Include at least three tie-ins.

Students may make their own graphic organizer on a card no larger than “3 by “5 if they would like to do some pre-writing before they get to class.