See our Potato Heads – Meiosis & sexual Reproduction

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Honors B-day 4/3/17

Today, we reviewed chromosomes and sexual vs. asexual reproduction briefly. We went over the PowerPoint below and previewed vocabulary for the upcoming material. The important terminology was: autosome, somatic, meiosis, mitosis, haploid, diploid, gametes, chromosome, homologous chromosome, sister chromatids, and fertilization.

Cell Reproduction16

Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction 3/30/17

Today in class, we built and drew models of chromosomes, we also described them using terms like: chromatid, centromere, DNA, and histones. We took notes and reviewed the image below. Then, we watched a video on genetic variability. We answered the following questions in our notebooks: “How do sexual and asexual reproduction compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages to both?” The Red Queen Hypothesis was mentioned in the video. Think about how that relates to evolution and genetic diversity.untitled