Course Information for 2017-18

Welcome back! The information for my biology classes in below. Parents, please read the parent letter, safety contract and syllabus. Have your student return the signed parent letter. Thanks!


honors Biology syllabus 2017-18

cp Biology syllabus 2017-18

Parent Letter 2017


College Prep Syllabus

To access a copy of the course syllabus for college prep biology click here: cp Biology syllabus 2016-17

Students should have a copy of the syllabus in their notebooks.

Parents should read the syllabus, Safety_Contract, and sign and return the Parent Letter 2016

Safety Contracts


As we begin the new school year, it is important to talk to our children about safety in all areas. Please take the time with your child to read and review the safety expectations in our science classrooms.

I have attached a copy of the safety contract here:  Safety_Contract.

Students may also access this document on Schoology.

After reviewing the document and syllabus with your child, please sign and return this document: Parent Letter 2016