Chromosomes and Cell Reproduction 3/30/17

Today in class, we built and drew models of chromosomes, we also described them using terms like: chromatid, centromere, DNA, and histones. We took notes and reviewed the image below. Then, we watched a video on genetic variability. We answered the following questions in our notebooks: “How do sexual and asexual reproduction compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages to both?” The Red Queen Hypothesis was mentioned in the video. Think about how that relates to evolution and genetic diversity.untitled


Why does evolution matter now?

Answer the four questions below in your notebook based on the PBS video: Why does evolution matter now?

  1. Why is the Russian prison system considered to be “ground zero” in the fight against TB?
  2. What is responsible for the evolution of TB strains that are resistant to multiple drugs?
  3. How does the misuse of antibiotics affect the evolution of disease-causing bacteria? Use the theory of natural selection to explain the growing resistance to antibiotics
  4. Why should we care about a resistant strain of TB in Russia?

Honors B Day for 11/1/16

Student modeled natural selection using paper airplanes as birds and modifying them based on random mutation (selected by dice). A copy of this is here.lesson_3_investigating_the_sources_of_variation_in_a_population

We also watched three videos on natural selection and answered questions about them in our notebooks.

Video Clip #1

How did public opinion of his day affect Charles Darwin’s willingness to publish the Origin of Species?

Video Clip #2

How is the overproduction of offspring related to competition between individuals?

How is variability between individuals related to the fact that some individuals are more successful and leave more offspring than others?

Video Clip #3

Why might the newt and the garter snake be an example of and “Evolutionary Arms Race”?