Midterm Practice

Take a practice quiz based on material on the midterm:quizmidterm18


Review for the Midterm

Here are the KUDs from this semester. Be sure to use them as a guide when you are studying for the biology midterm:

Nature of Science

Experimental Design

Natural Selection

Cell Biology

Here are some helpful links to power points to help you study for the biology mid term.







Also, for those of you who would like extra resources, Ms. Griffith set up a YouTube channel with helpful videos and animations you can refer to.

Ms. Griffith’s Youtube Channel

Good luck on all your exams! 🙂

Characteristics of Life

We review the characteristics of life during class. Students went through a series of cards and sorted them into three categories: living, nonliving, unsure.

Afterward, they did research to create a class list of the characteristics of living things. We them watched the following video to clarify any misconceptions.


Exit Ticket: Is a sandwich living or nonliving? Support your answer with at least three pieces of evidence and reasoning.